Appledale Liquid Trade Waste Review

Skills: Design Review, FF
  • ASpect’s Client: Orange City Council
  • Head Client: Orange City Council
  • Plant Configuration: FF
  • Plant Size: 3,000 EP
  • Project Value: $500k (ASpect Fee $18k)
  • Project Duration:  March 2012 to June 2012

Process review of innovative BioGill process for fruit juice waste treatment for OCC (NSW).

The Appledale Processors Co-operative converts surplus fruit from the Orange region of NSW into juice. The high strength waste stream from Appledale has been discharged largely untreated to the sewer, where it was transported to Orange STP for treatment.  More stringent NSW regulation of trade waste meant that Appledale was forced to treat it’s waste to near domestic quality.  This required a process that would reduce the waste strength from roughly 5000 mg/L to 300 mg/L of BOD at low cost.  Appledale selected a newly commercialised process developed in the CSIRO known as BioGill.  This utilises ceramic membranes suspended above treatment tanks to produce a naturally aerated fixed film biomass (a combination of bacteria and fungi).  Orange City Council were concerned whether this new and innovative process would be appropriate for the application.  They commissioned ASpect to undertake a process review.  Working closely with BioGill, ASpect was able to provide some confidence in the process chosen, the design and it’s suitability to the application.  This was an example where ASpect’s first principle knowledge could be used to assure a process that was new and innovative.