Orange STP Studies – Client Representative

  • ASpect’s Client: Orange City Council
  • Head Client: Orange City Council
  • Plant Configuration: MLE
  • Plant Size: 60,000 EP
  • Project Value: $147k (ASpect Fee $31k)
  • Project Duration: November 2012 to June 2013

Orange STP Studies Client Representative for OCC (NSW).

Orange STP is a 40,000 EP facility that services the majority of the city of Orange in NSW.  ASpect had previously undertaken a number of reviews that had highlighted some opportunities for improvement in capacity and performance.  These included a shortfall in performance and capacity of the Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) thickener and difficulty in meeting disinfection related licence limits due to a lack of dechlorination.  OCC commissioned studies and options reports to determine and refine preferred solutions.  OCC engaged ASpect to act as their client representative for these studies.  ASpects’s role included the writing of briefs, selection of available consultants, calling for quotations, quotation assessment, client representative during the studies, independent technical review of reports and project administration.