Wetalla STP Alum Impact Study

  • ASpect’s Client: Sinclair Knight Merz
  • Head Client: Toowoomba City Council
  • Plant Configuration: MUCT
  • Plant Size: 175,000 EP
  • Project Value: $5k (ASpect Fee $5k)
  • Project Duration:  March 2004 to April 2004

Alum sludge impact study for Wetalla STP (MUCT EBPR) with Sinclair Knight Merz for Toowoomba City Council (Qld).

Wetalla STP services the city of Toowoomba in Qld. Toowoomba City Council were considering their options for the dewatering and disposal of water treatment plant (Alum) sludge. One option was to discharge this sludge to the sewer for capture, dewatering and disposal with the STP sludge. The study undertaken by ASpect involved modeling of the (soon to be amplified) Wetalla STP, and undertaking an incremental analysis of the two loading options. The analysis concentrated on quantifying cost drivers such as capacity and operating cost, as well as providing qualitative assessments such as performance and sustainability. The report was merged within the Planning Report produced by SKM.