Bingara Gorge PRWP Capacity Assessment

  • ASpect’s Client: Lendlease Communities
  • Head Client: Lendlease Communities
  • Plant Configuration: MBR
  • Plant Size: 4,500 EP
  • Project Value: $20k (ASpect Fee $20k)
  • Project Duration: January 2020 to June 2020

Bingara Gorge PRWP Capacity Assessment for Lendlease Communities (NSW).

Lendlease Communities Pty Ltd own a permanent recycled water plant (PRWP) that services the townships of Wilton and Bingara Gorge.  Bingara Gorge is a new development on the outskirts of Sydney that is growing rapidly.  The Bingara Gorge PRWP is based on a modular design with modules added as the population and load increases.  Lendlease Communities engaged ASpect to assess the capacity of the currently installed modules and to advise on pareto upgrades and amplifications aimed at providing just in time capacity to accomodate growth.  The PRWP facilities revolve around twin membrane biologocal reactor (MBR) modules, plus UV treatment and chlorination.  The recycled water is suitable for use of the Bingara Gorge golf course and within the community.  The biosolids are dewatered using a centrifuge.  One of the unique difficulties with this capacity assessment was determining the current loading.  This is because the rapid expansion of the Bingara Gorge development made census data outdated and diffucult to interpret.  This was refined during the project by using a combination of census data, local contruction knowledge, rated connections and sewage flows and loads to determine the most likely estimate for current loading.  This was then projected forward using dwelling construction programmes and estimates for likely future occupancy rates.  ASpect highlighted a number of minor equipment upgrares (mainly pumping) and changes to operational set points that could cost effectively increase the plant capacity.  Triggers for more substantial module upgrades were also provided.