Sponars STP Process Assessment

  • ASpect’s Client: Sponars Chalet Pty Ltd
  • Head Client: Sponars Chalet Pty Ltd
  • Plant Configuration: IDEA
  • Plant Size: 140 EP
  • Project Value: $4k (ASpect Fee $4k)
  • Project Duration:  September 2016 to October 2016

Process Assessment of the 140 EP Sponars STP (IDEA) for Sponars Chalet Pty Ltd.

Sponars STP is services the Sponars Chalet, located within the Kosciuszko National Park above the winter snow line.   It discharge to Diggers Creek, which flows to the headwaters of the Snowy River.  Despite its small size, it demands tight licence conditions and significant regulatory scrutiny.  With no permanent residents, it experiences a dramatic increase in load throughout the ski season.  This demands a strategy of load dosing (particularly nitrogen) to accommodate fluctuations in occupancy and load.  Sponars Chalet wanted to undertake an internal audit of the facility to ensure that it remained fit for purpose.  The work involved an assessment of the current loading, development of a whole plant process model, a preliminary unit by unit capacity assessment to identify bottlenecks, an assessment of its ability to reliably meet licence conditions, advice on chemical dosing strategies, and suggestions on how to improve operational performance through improved automated control.