LMWQCC Temperature Impact Assessment

  • ASpect’s Client: PSD
  • Head Client: Actew
  • Plant Configuration: MLE
  • Plant Size: 450,000 EP
  • Project Value: $6k (ASpect Fee $4k)
  • Project Duration: October 2014 to October 2014

LMWQCC Temperature Impact Assessment (ACT).

Actew undertook a concept design for the amplification and upgrade of their sludge incinerators.  Scrubber water for these incinerators is currently drawn from the secondary effluent, with the heated scrubber water returned to the plant.  One of the side benefits of incineration at LMWQCC is the heating of the activated sludge process.  Given the cold winter temperatures, this represents a significant capacity and cost advantage.  Pollution Solutions and Designs (PSD) and ASpect were commissioning to assess the capital cost advantage of this incidental heating.  ASpect determined that the heating resulted in a reduction in secondary treatment reactor size of around 20%, a saving of tens of millions of dollars in capital.  Alternatively, a cessation of incineration would result in a downgrading of plant capacity by 25%, which would demand an immediate capacity expansion.