Richmond STP Controls Design

  • ASpect’s Client: MWH
  • Head Client: Sydney Water
  • Plant Configuration: IDEA
  • Plant Size: 20,000 EP
  • Project Value: $12M (ASpect Fee $11k)
  • Project Duration:  September 2003 to September 2003

P&IDs and FDs for the detailed design of Richmond STP (IDALs) with MWH for Sydney Water (NSW).

Richmond STP was one of the last trickling filter plants discharging to the Hawkesbury Nepean catchment. The sensitivity of the catchment to nutrients and the bubble license demanded very tight standards despite a high re-use potential. The solution was a new IDEA based process with filters, chlorination and dechlorination. ASpect helped the winning D&C bid designers (MWH) in the initial stages of the detailed design. Tasks included P&IDs, FD and change control QA. Most of the design was undertaken by MWH.