Nowra and Bomaderry WwTP Process Commissioning

  • ASpect’s Client: Shoalhaven Water
  • Head Client: Shoalhaven Water
  • Plant Configuration: SBR
  • Plant Size: 30,000 EP and 15,000 EP
  • Project Value: $110M (ASpect Fee $28k)
  • Project Duration: March 2018 to July 2019

Nowra and Bomaderry WwTP Process Commissioning (SBR), for Shoalhaven Water (NSW).

Shoalhaven Water asked ASpect Process Services to assist in the process commissioning of upgrades to their Nowra and Bomaderry WwTPs.  These were upgrades to existing brownfield sites consisting of older trickling filter and activated sludge bioreactors (SBR and Carousel).  The upgraded facilities included new inlet works, stormflow holding and return, SBR style bioreactors (including storm cycles), tertiary filtration, multi-point phosphorus precipitation, UV disinfection and chlorination.  This included the regional supply of recycled water known as the Reclaimed Water Management Scheme (REMS 1B).  REMS is one of the largest and more complex water recycling schemes undertaken by a regional water authority.  The need to maintain treatment standards during cut-in and commissioning, plus ensure the integrity of recycled water, added considerable complexity to the commissioning phase.  ASpect’s role was to assist in the formulation of recycled water critical control points and critical limits (input to the recycled water quality management plan), a partial review of the control specification, plus the production of detailed process commissioning plans for both plants, including inspection and test plans (ITPs) and check sheets.