Mareeba STP D&C

  • ASpect’s Client: Aurecon
  • Head Client: MSC
  • Plant Configuration: SBR
  • Plant Size: 12,500 EP
  • Project Value: $100k (ASpect Fee $28k)
  • Project Duration: Aug 2015 to Oct 2015

Mareeba STP Design and Construct Bid (Qld).

ASpect teamed up with Aurecon and BMD Construction to undertake a design and construct bid for the upgrade of the Mareeba STP in north Queensland.  The existing plant was a trickling filter facility with ponds and cold anaerobic digesters.  The concept developed by ASpect and Aurecon was to replace this with a plant built around a sequencing batch reactor (SBR).  Existing facilities were retained where possible, including a primary sedimentation tank (WAS thickener), a secondary sedimentation tank (foul water pump station) and the anaerobic digesters (aerobic digesters).  Other facilities included an inlet works, effluent balance tank, chlorination, WAS balance tank, dewatering, service water pumping station, potable water supply, alum dosing, caustic dosing, polymer dosing and acetic acid dosing.  The feed to the plant included sewage, septage and leachate from the local landfill.  These streams required a degree of feed control to minimise the contamination of bypasses, balance loads and mitigate biological inhibition.  The bid period was just 10 weeks, which demanded a process design period of just 4 weeks.  ASpect was able to deliver the design within the tight timeframe, including process flow diagram, process modelling, design scenarios, process unit sizing, equipment sizing, P&IDs, operating and control philosophy, process unit descriptions, documentation of assumptions, mass balance diagram and commissioning procedure.