Fyshwick STP Capacity Assessment

  • ASpect’s Client: Parsons Brickerhoff
  • Head Client: ActewAGL (now ACTEW Water)
  • Plant Configuration: TF
  • Plant Size: 40,000 EP
  • Project Value: $40k (ASpect Fee $19k)
  • Project Duration:  June 2007 to October 2008

Capacity Assessment Study for the Fyshwick STP (TF), with PB for ActewAGL (now ACTEW Water) (ACT).

Fyshwick STP is a nominal 40,000 EP trickling filter plant serving the domestic, commercial and light industrial areas of Fyshwick, ACT.  ASpect worked as a sub-consultant to Parsons Brickerhoff (PB).  ASpect’s role was to undertake loading assessment, develop a process model to mimic the entire plant, calibrate the process model to historical flow and performance data, process capacity assessment of each process unit and equipment item, recommended optimisation strategies including operational and minor works, and the optimised capacity of each process unit once these measured were undertaken.  PB undertook hydraulic capacity assessment and condition assessment.  The process capacity assessment found that the capacity of many of the units were significantly less than 40,000 EP, with the trickling filters capable of little more than the current loading of 17,000 EP.  Minor improvements were recommended to increase the capacity to 23,000 EP.