Kianga STP Temporary Treatment

  • ASpect’s Client: ESC
  • Head Client: ESC
  • Plant Configuration: Passveer Ditch
  • Plant Size: 6,500 EP
  • Project Value: $7k (ASpect Fee $7k)
  • Project Duration: April 2015 to May 2016

Kianga STP Temporary Treatment (NSW).

Kianga STP services the Narooma area of the NSW South Coast.  The secondary treatment plant consists of a single Carousel reactor and two clarifiers.  A capacity assessment by ASpect predicted some bottlenecks that may require modifications to the existing Carousel.  Eurobodalla Shire Council (ESC) wanted to undertake a condition assessment of the Carousel as input to future options assessment.  This required the Carousel to be taken out of service, emptied, cleaned and assessed.  ESC considered using a previously decommissioned 2,000 EP Passveer Ditch to treat the 6,500 EP load.  ASpect modelled this scenario and suggested it was possible, provided the temporary plant was operated according to strict criteria.  ASpect developed these process criteria and set points.  ESC sourced the equipment required and set up the temporary plant.  ASpect supervised the commissioning of the temporary plant, it’s optimisation, the decommissioning of the main plant, plus the operation and adjustment of the temporary plant for a few weeks while the main plant was emptied and inspected.  Despite the nominal severe overloading, the temporary plant operated within licence conditions, treating the full flow.  ASpect then provided advice on the recommissioning of the main plant, bringing it back into service using sludge stored and fed in one of the clarifiers.