EPA Pollutant Removal Costing

  • ASpect’s Client: NSW EPA
  • Head Client: NSW EPA
  • Plant Configuration: Range
  • Plant Size: N/A
  • Project Value: $19k (ASpect Fee $19k)
  • Project Duration:  May 2003 to June 2003

Representative STP Pollutant Removal Costs – Study for the NSW EPA to determine the cost per kg of pollutant removal as regulations tighten.

The NSW EPA must balance ideal environmental outcomes with pragmatic fiscal responsibilities. Some of the most significant cost drivers to environmental sustainability are pollutant loads from sewage treatment plants. Common sense tells us that costs of treatment increase as license limits tighten, but by how much, what pollutants cost the most, and when to the costs increase to unrealistic levels. ASpect was commissioned to develop a methodology to create pollutant removal cost curves. A methodology was developed and applied (with the use of a model facility) to a matrix of sizes and treatment standards to predict consistent cost drivers. This was then used as the input to an equally detailed costing model to quantify and cost each solution at each size (over 100 concept designs and costings). The resulting report is used by the EPA as a benchmark to policy making and a guide to STP license limits throughout NSW