Orange STP Trade Waste Costing

  • ASpect’s Client: Orange City Council
  • Head Client: Orange City Council
  • Plant Configuration: MLE
  • Plant Size: 60,000 EP
  • Project Value: $13k (ASpect Fee $13k)
  • Project Duration:  April 2010 to December 2010

True cost modeling and briefing note of trade waste discharges to Orange STP for Orange City council (NSW).

Orange STP has few industrial dischargers in its catchment.  One of the significant dischargers was a fruit juice processor that discharged high strength biodegradable wastewater to the sewer, largely untreated.  This load contributed significantly to the plant load (around 10% of the overall mass load), as well as adding to the cost of treatment though power demands and sludge disposal.  However, it also had beneficial effects in terms of nutrient removal, as it provided a readily biodegradable source of food to drive nutrient removal processes.  ASpect was commissioned by OCC to determine the true cost of treating this wastewater, including beneficial impacts.  ASpect used first principle biochemical kinetics and chemistry to dissect and allocate costs to individual pollutants.  Costs were produced in terms of incremental costs (those in addition to baseline costs) and full cost recovery charges based on NSW guidelines.  This study resulted in the imposition of trade waste charges reflecting NSW guidelines.  This led to the business decision by the juice manufacturer t0 install treatment at source.