ACTEW Treatment Cost Dissection

  • ASpect’s Client: ACTEW Water
  • Head Client: ACTEW Water
  • Plant Configuration: MLE
  • Plant Size: 450,000 EP
  • Project Value: $15k (ASpect Fee $15k)
  • Project Duration: September 2012 to November 2012

Dissection of pollutant and flow treatment costs for the purpose of ACT trade waste policy development for ACTEW Water (ACT).

ACTEW Water wanted to recover the treatment costs associated with industrial discharges.  But first they needed to objectively assess what these costs were and how they should be fairly applied.  ACTEW engaged ASpect to develop a methodology for determining just that.  ASpect first reviewed national and NSW guidelines to identify an approach that was consistent with industry but tailored to ACTEW’s unique needs and circumstances.  Substances that could be considered treatment cost drivers were identified.  Others that posed risks but were not cost drivers were controlled through the imposition of limits rather than pricing.  ASpect developed a mass based costing methodology that accounted for annualised capital costs, fixed O&M costs and variable operating costs.  Actual pollutant removal data and first principle biochemistry were used to objectively dissect and allocate costs of treatment at Lower Molonglo WQCC to kilograms of COD, SS, TN and TP.