Tempe Tip Wetland

Skills: FF, Process Design
  • ASpect’s Client: Australian Wetlands Consulting
  • Head Client: Tempe City Council
  • Plant Configuration: Wetland
  • Plant Size: N/A
  • Project Value: $3k (ASpect Fee $3k)
  • Project Duration:  April 2003 to February 2004

Process advice for Australian Wetlands in association with leachate treatment system forTempelandfill (NSW).

Tempe City Council wished to improve their landfill operation and restore much of it to recreational use by the community. Part of the scheme involved the treatment of leachate wastewater to a standard that supported irrigation to a driving range, to be constructed over part of the scheme. Australian Wetlands were assisting with conceptual design involving wetland treatment integrated into the upgrade. ASpect’s role was advice to AW, mainly in the form of fundamental process theory and pre-requisites for nitrification. ASpect were also involved in conceptual options assessment for pretreatment facilities to reduce ammonia loads on the wetlands