Rubyanna WWTP Reference Concept Design

  • ASpect’s Client: Hyder Consulting
  • Head Client: Bundaberg Regional Council
  • Plant Configuration: Carousel with EBPR
  • Plant Size: 50,000 EP
  • Project Value: $48.4M (ASpect Fee $32k)
  • Project Duration: March 2014 to November 2014

Rubyanna WWTP Reference Concept Design for BRC (Qld).

Bundaberg Regional Council (BRC) prepared a master plan for wastewater treatment and re-use in their coastal region.  The preferred strategy adopted was to build a new Greenfield wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) and then decommission and transfer sewage from existing plants.  The new plant was to be delivered in two stages, with the first stage being 50,000 EP and the second being 90,000 EP.  Re-use by local irrigators would be supplemented with discharge to the Burnett River, demanding low and tightening nutrient requirements, particularly nitrogen (a future target of 3 mg/L).

The delivery strategy adopted by BRC was design and construct with early contractor involvement (D&C ECC).  BRC wanted a reference concept design (RCD) for the new plant against which D&C designs could be compared.  The preferred configuration adopted by BRC was to utilise Carousel reactors due to their ability to achieve low nitrogen without supplementary carbon dosing.  Phosphorus removal would be through the incorporation of up front anaerobic zones with chemical polishing.  Sludge treatment involved aerobic digestion and dewatering.  Disinfection was to be achieved by gaseous chlorination with additional barriers for re-use.

ASpect teamed up with CEENA Pty Ltd and Hyder Consulting to prepare the RCD.  ASpect’s scope of work was to determine and document the appropriate sewage design criteria for both the RCD and the D&C ECC, produce the process concept design (detailed process unit sizing and descriptions) and sketch all P&IDs.  ASpect also provided site layout advice to CEENA, as well as preparing the process design sections of the RCD report.  The RCD time-frame was tight (less than 4 months) demanding fast track process design methods while maintaining tight design audit trails and a high level of detail for the benefit of D&C ECC contractors and BRC during tender review.