West Camden STP D&C Value Engineering

  • ASpect’s Client: UnitedKG (now UGL)
  • Head Client: Sydney Water
  • Plant Configuration: IDEA
  • Plant Size: 73,000 EP
  • Project Value: $100k (ASpect Fee $5k)
  • Project Duration:  November 2003 to February 2004

Value Engineering and Design Review of West Camden STP D&C Bid Design (IDEAs) with UnitedKG and SKM for Sydney Water (NSW).

West Camden STP services the rapidly growing south west sector of Sydney. Sydney Water needed to both amplify the facility and reduce the effluent loads released to the highly Upper Nepean catchment. A DD&C delivery method was employed, with a design based on augmenting the existing MLE facility with IDAL reactors. Tertiary clarification, tertiary filtration and a re-use rising main were also required to mitigate nutrient loads. A consortium consisting of UnitedKG, Walters, SKM, GHD and ASpect were short-listed to bid. ASpect’s role was brainstorming and process design review through the bid phase. This involved independent process modeling and frequent communication with the SKM process design specialist. The bid was unfortunately unsuccessful.