EPA Officer Sewage Treatment Training

Skills: Training
  • ASpect’s Client: NSW EPA
  • Head Client: NSW EPA
  • Plant Configuration: All
  • Plant Size: N/A
  • Project Value: $5k (ASpect Fee $5k)
  • Project Duration: April 2014 to May 2014

Sewage Treatment for EPA Officers (NSW).

The Queanbeyan regional office of the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) regularly provides training for its officers in sewage treatment technologies and troubleshooting.  ASpect was asked to prepare and deliver a one day training course for EPA officers.  The course content included the nature of sewage, biological treatment principles, common process configurations, what dictates capacity, N & P removal, wet weather treatment, what can go wrong, sludge stabilisation, odours and noise.  The course was followed by an open question and answer session where the officers could discuss recent real life instances of sewage treatment issues, what may have caused them and how they could be best managed.