Charlotte Pass STP Operations Review

  • ASpect’s Client: NSW Office of Environment and Heritage
  • Head Client: NSW Office of Environment and Heritage
  • Plant Configuration: IDEA, IFAS
  • Plant Size: 1,100 EP
  • Project Value: $7k (ASpect Fee $7k)
  • Project Duration:  May 2011 to May 2011

Operational Review of the 1,100 EP Charlotte Pass STP (IFAS) for the NSW OEH (NSW).

Charlotte Pass STP in a unique facility.  Located at 1760m above sea level, it the highest STP in Australia.  Its location within the Kosciuszko National Park and discharge to the pristine headwaters of the Snowy River demands tight licence conditions and significant regulatory scrutiny.  With little in the way of permanent residents, it experiences a dramatic increase in load at the start of ski season, a time where snow melt can also lead to a rapid fall in sewage temperature.  This demands a strategy of load dosing (particularly nitrogen) leading up to the opening of the season to prevent pollutant breakthrough.  In response to a number of operating shortfalls over recent years, the regulators (NSW OEH) commissioned ASpect to review the operation of the STP.  This involved a review of equipment criticality, availability and integrity, suitability and sampling and analysis regimes and frequency, automated monitoring and alarms, chemical dosing strategies (ramp up and ongoing) and general process control.  The study concluded that the plant was capable of achieving the required outcomes provided equipment integrity was improved and loading remained less than capacity.